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Overseas technical cooperation & joint program

WRPC is engaged in providing technical support to countries suffering water shortage or water environment deterioration, by dispatching experts and/or cooperating in research. WRPC is also engaged in an international joint program under which key government officials and experts from foreign countries are invited to undertake technical training for Japan’s water production and reuse technologies.
For example,
1.Overseas Technical Cooperation
①Hybrid seawater desalination (Qatar)
②Survey of “possibility of seawater desalination project” in Africa
③Cooperative business of dealing formation water technology for refineries and so on in south Iraq.
④Survey of exploring business for seawater desalination plant at Chennai, India.
2. Joint Program
①Exchanging technical information conference (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Japan)
②Technical cooperation of water reuse technology (Taiwan)
③Dispatching water reuse technology experts
Following up cooperation for Serbia; survey of “rationalization of using industrial water and recycling waste water technology”
3.Overseas Training Program of Water Reuse Technologies
(1) Commissioned Training Project
①JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) Group training (Rationalization of industrial water usage and Wastewater reuse)
②Training course of water treatment for Iraq technicians (2015)
(3) Training Water Reuse Engineers Program
The purpose of this program is to enhance the understanding problems at water environment in each country, and to introduce and promote Japan’s water reuse technologies.
Lectures contain introduction of technologies about waste water reuse and desalination (including relevant of standards and regulations), training skills about groundwater and well water (including on site) and so on.
Foreign engineer training for water reuse technologies at facilities in Japan, 2011~Present
This training program has been provided in Japan, since 2011 to present, to experts and technicians of at Asia, Middle East, Africa, South America and East Europe. Training period is about 2 weeks.