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Dissemination of water production and reuse technologies

In recent years, many water problems are occurred such as water shortage or deterioration of water quality around the world. Against these issues, WRPC sends out information about water reuse technology and promote the technology to the world. And then it is aimed to contribute to spreading water business of Japanese firms to the world as below.
(1) It is conducted continuously to update the database of WRPC activities per year in English and Japanese.
(2) By participating in water conference, exhibition and symposium around the world, state of art water reuse technologies are introduced.
(3) The staff experts have been dispatched around the world in order to introduce water reuse technology of Japan, and gathered information of water and aim to promote the technology.
(4) Symposium has been held yearly in Tokyo to introduce the latest water reuse technology.
(5) “Water Reuse Information” has been delivered via online to the member of WRPC around twice per month.