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(1) Definition of Desalination and Classification of Generation Method
Desalination is roughly distinguished by whether a method has phase change at the situation of substance, when having classified as distillation process or refrigeration method and when not classified as membrane method (reverse osmosis or electro dialysis).

◇Distillation process do not mostly include impurities in generated water vapor when seawater is clear. Highly pure distillation water is obtained if mist accompanying distillation is excepted effectively and distillation is condensed.
◇Reverse Osmosis refers to a method that flesh water is obtained as only some water overcome osmotic pressure and pass through semipermeable membrane by that salt water is pressured.
◇Electro Dialysis refers to a method that flesh water is obtained from low density space as water is supplied between cation exchange membrane and anion exchange membrane set alternately and then ion is moved by electric power

(2)WRPC gathers and analyzes a variety of information about desalination as above.
①Desalination market around the world
②Change of desalination size, region, main countries, share per method and domestic situation
③Share of desalination plant per region and list of big desalination plant around the world
(3)Here at WRPC, they are conducted such as introduction research of a variety of desalination method and possibility survey of desalination. It is also conducted survey of problem, advantage and possibility at foreign region.
In addition, it is conducted such as consultation, teaching or support of developing technology and economic evaluation.