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Rationalization of water usage

(1) Rationalization of Water Usage
The rationalization of water usage refers to the effective use and saving of water. Major technologies for attaining this purpose are ①cascade use, ②circulation usage, ③reuse and ④ the application of water-saving devices. In order to rationalize water usage with these technologies, it is necessary to accurately understanding of the actual water usage and then apply the most appropriate rationalization methods suited to the system.

In recent years, unlike the conventional way of water use rationalization, the importance of promoting water use rationalization in factories is increasing worldwide from the viewpoint of environment and economy.
In addition, new evaluation methods such as water footprint that see water usage as life cycle and quantitatively expresses it according to the movement of visualization of environmental information are focused. And international standardizations regarding various water reuse are been published one after another.

(2) WRPC has continuously surveyed and analyzed the actual water usage at domestic factories across a variety of industries.

(3) WRPC has conducted diverse consultation for the rationalization of water usage, teaching or support of developing rationalization technology and economic evaluation.