Typical Examples of Our Technology Development


Recent major research projects

◆Technical Cooperation Program for the Water Environmental Conservation of the ADNOC Refinery (UAE) (2018 to present), JCCP
◆Valuable metal recovery technology in oilfield produced water (2018 to present), JOGMEC
◆Current Situation Study on Seawater Desalination Facilities (2017 to present), Fukuoka District Waterworks Agency
◆Establishment of international standards for water usage in international industrial sectors (2016 to present), voluntary business
◆International standardization for water reuse (2014 to present), METI and Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.
◆Joint Venture of Formation Water Treatment Technology in Refineries in Southern Regions of Iraq (2010 to present), JCCP
◆Examination and instruction for rationalization of groundwater usage (2000 to present), Ishikawa prefecture
◆Development of Energy Saving Technology for the MBR Equipment (2016-2018), Kita-kyushu city
◆Investigation of new evaluation criteria for efficient usage of water (2016 – 2018), JKA
◆Support work for the PPP business survey for worldwide sewage treatment (2016), Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.
◆Survey of Current Seawater Desalination Equipment and Future Trends (2016), JSTRA
◆Study on Treatment Technology of Water-soluble organic substance in Produced water (2014-2015), JOGMEC
◆Training project on seawater desalination for Kuwait Ministry of Electricity and Water (KEW)(2013, 2016, 2018), JCCME
◆Survey for rationalization of water usage for various industries (2013-2015), JKA
◆Development of UF membrane pretreatment technology for Seawater RO desalination (2012-2013), JKA
◆Procurement assistance for a desalination plant for Bangladesh (2010-2011), JICS and a private enterprise
◆Technical assistance for a desalination plant in Tunisia (2010-2011), private enterprise

JCCP: Japan Cooperation Center Petroleum
JOGMEC: Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation
METI: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan
JKA: Japan Keirin Autorace foundation
JSTRA: Japan Ship Technology Research Association
JCCME: Japan Cooperation Center for the Middle East
JICS: Japan International Cooperation System