Typical Examples of Our Technology Development


Overseas technical cooperation and development in seawater desalination technology

We are promoting human resources development through project implementation planning, verification tests and research cooperation in the Middle East, South America and Africa as overseas activities regarding water desalination.
Recent examples are research cooperation with Sultan Qaboos University in Oman and with QEWC (Qatar Electricity & Water Co.).
•Development of the NF/RO/MED Tri-hybrid method efficient seawater desalination technology
With the cooperation with SWCC (Saline Water Conversion Corp.) in Saudi Arabia and Sasakura Engineering Co., Ltd., a hybrid desalination system has been developed to cope with a substantial increase in water production, by removing scale forming components in seawater using the NF membrane and raising distillation temperature in the MED (Multi Effect Distillation) desalination process.